Development and manufacture of dedicated motors according to the intended use

We will make a detailed design as a dedicated machine for the customer after the meeting.

Not only for wood/resin processing machines but also for glass processing machines; printed circuit board processing machines; automobile parts processing machines; internal grinding machines, agitating/crushing machines; various testing machines, etc., we can manufacture motors according to the application.

We will do our best to manufacture a motor which can fulfill all the requests from customers.

When requesting a dedicated motor, please consider the following items in advance.

  1. Motor output
  2. Rotational speed
  3. Shaft end shape
  4. Motor mounting method
  5. Using purpose (load condition)
  6. Operating environment etc.

For woodworking and precutting machines

Regarding our wood processing motors, which is our starting point, we provide motors for NC routers of various housing types of equipment (doors, kitchen materials, washbasins, aluminum sashes, flooring) as well as the processing of building materials for wooden houses.

For glass (LCD) processing

We design and manufacture specifications tailored to the dedicated machine from our extensive experience.
Glass for LCD is the most basic member of liquid crystal display, and high dimensional accuracy is required.
Our technology has won high praise from all over the world.

For testing, pharmaceuticals, and food

We can design and develop special products (made-to-order) from one unit as a rotation test device and a motor for agitation/centrifugation in various industrial fields (automobiles, aerospace, pharmaceuticals/foods).