Trust and Technology

Our company was established in 1968 (Showa 43) as a manufacturer of special type induction motors (induction motors) at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Honjuku, Nagaizumi-Cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture. As a motor maker, we have a long history, and our root is Sakura Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was founded in Mishima City in 1941. Since its founding, we have been specializing in made-to-order products of AC electric motors, and especially focused on the development of high-frequency motors (high-speed rotation motors).

As the demand for housing increased during the high economic growth period of the Showa era, the production of pillar materials, furniture, materials for housing, etc., required for the construction of Japanese houses has become more mechanized, and the demand and development of woodworking machinery have advanced. 

The spindle motor, which is the heart of a woodworking machine, requires high-speed rotation because it needs to process wood smoothly in a short time. By utilizing our high-frequency motor technology for the processing, we could make great contributions to the development of mechanization of wood processing and accumulate technological advances of the world’s top high-frequency motors. The spindle motor from our company, is provided to the panel-related manufacturers around the world, is responsible for grinding processing of thin glass with a thickness of several hundreds of microns, which is necessary for LCD panels.

For processing, the technology that requires very little vibration and rotates at high speed was required, and our high-speed technology could achieve it. The success of this manufacturing system makes the production capacity and quality of LCD panels have been dramatically improved, leading to higher quality and lower cost LCD panels.


Currently, as a new initiative, we have further evolved [high-speed rotation technology] and [low-vibration/high-precision technology] to pursue high-speed rotation, low-vibration/high-accuracy to the maximum. We do our best to aim for further improving motor efficiency. In today’s world where energy conservation and global warming prevention are being sought, research and development are expected to greatly contribute to environmental problems by improving motor efficiency.


As an effort to apply this technology, we are also conducting joint research with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to start developing next-generation rocket engine parts. It is a research and development that makes the way to space realizable and achievable, as when the Shinkansen was opened in the Showa era, making the impossible to possible.


We will continue to cultivate technologies that can help people around the world live and develop.