About motor development

In addition to our development, we also carry out many joint developments.

A huge amount of money and equipment are required for developing and manufacturing motors, so if we can manufacture them within our existing equipment, we also accept trial production.

We also have some track records of manufacturing special motors for research at universities and graduate schools. If you have ant inquiries, please contact us.

[Delivered schools]

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University, Osaka University, etc.

About motor design

The electric design of the motor does not go as planned.

We design electrical based on raw data accumulated over many years. Therefore, it is possible to meet special electrical specifications from users.

We also propose the optimal bearing arrangement in each usage environment based on the delivery record to various industries.

If you think it is difficult to find the motor which you want, or if there is not any company that can undertake the design/manufacturing, please let us know.

We can design and manufacture the motor according to the customer’s requests.