Quality Assurance

We store and aggregate all data of the motors returned for repair, and based on this data, we also make design changes and review manufacturing methods.

In addition, we will strengthen the after-sales service, and respond promptly to products delivered overseas.


Our motors will be repaired regardless of the manufacturing date.

*Depending on the model and malfunction status, we may judge that repair is impossible or recommend purchasing a new product.

Repair process

①: Return the breakdown motor to SHIN-OH Electric Co., Ltd.

②: Disassemble and investigate the replacement parts

③: Provide a quotation

④: Start the repair

⑤: Repair completed, and return the motor

When requesting repairs, please be reminded to inform the sales representative of the points below before returning the faulty product.

・Model, serial number, defect status *Repair request will be completed by contacting us.

For more details, please contact our sales office.